A New Equation for Change – Brandon Hall Group

Transformational change is the plan for moving from one’s “current state” to a desired “future state.” The implementation of any talent strategy requires change – letting go of existing processes, behaviors, and attitudes and a move to new ones that achieve and sustain the desired business outcomes. Any deficiency in change management will impede the Read More

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6 Powerful Spices That Can Boost Your Energy

Whether you’re looking to better your performance in the bedroom, boost your brain at work, or improve your stamina at the gym, adding powerful plant substances to your diet can help you get there.

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8 Foods With Awesome Mood-Boosting Benefits

Prepare to rethink everything you thought about “comfort food.”

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10 Protein-Packed Pulse Recipes That Satisfy

These delicious superfood recipes feature chickpeas, lentils, and other pulses.

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Proper nutrition fuels best workouts

Baseball great Babe Ruth excelled on a strict diet of hot dogs and beer. Basketball star Maurice Cheeks led the 76ers to the 1983 championship, powered by chocolate-chip cookies and Hawaiian Punch.

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Stop Failing to Change, Part 3 – OKRs and Continuous Performance Management

In my previous blogs I discussed the first two phases in change management. The first…

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Getting organizational redesign right

Companies will better integrate their people, processes, and structures by following nine golden rules. A McKinsey Quarterly article.

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