The Role of a Director in Leading Change

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This article sets out the pivotal role of a director in making sure that strategic and cultural change happens in their organisation, with practical steps.

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The Change Samurai is a Global Resource Centre for the professional change practitioner implementing corporate transformation.
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One Response to The Role of a Director in Leading Change

  1. Christina, you are absolutely right i– one of the best examples I’ve seen of this is Paul O’Neill, the CEO who turned around Alcoa. O’Neill transformed profitability by concentrating and demanding 100% worker safety. He required any accidents or lapses in safely to be reported directly to hi, immediately . As you point out, his senior team were all behind him on this because they had to be. When one top performer failed to report a safety breach to O’Neill he was sacked. That is truly living the change you want to see in the organization.

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